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ການວິເຄາະດ້ານວິຊາການຂອງຕະຫລາດ Forex

CAD/CHF ສາມາດປັບຕົວຕໍ່າລົງ

The Canadian Dollar has surged by 1.81% against the Swiss Franc since October 8. The currency pair tested the resistance level at 0.7492 during this week’s trading sessions. Technical indicators ...

NZD/JPY ອາດຈະເຮັດໃຫ້ການດຶງກັບຄືນ

Upside risks have been dominating the NZD/JPY currency pair since the beginning of October. The New Zealand Dollar has edged higher by 7.23% against the Japanese Yen during this period ...

EUR/USD ຊອກຫາການສະຫນັບສະຫນູນໃນ 1.1620 

The support zone of the last week’s high and this week low levels kept the EUR/USD from declining. Namely, on Thursday, the rate found support in 1.1620 and started a ...

GBP/USD ແຍກຮູບແບບສາມຫຼ່ຽມ

As explained on Thursday, all triangle patterns are eventually broken. The ascending triangle of the GBP/USD was broken to the downside. However, the sharp break out was stopped by the ...