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Brazil pensions: Lack-of-business, as usual

In February, the Brazilian government sent the army into the violent and bankrupt city of Rio de Janeiro. That decision put paid to the desperately needed and desperately unpopular pension reform because ...
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Devil in the detail in Singapore-Malaysia link

Malaysia prime minister Najib RazakA new plan to link up trading between Singapore and Malaysia’s stock markets could be important. Attempts to forge links between Asean exchanges are nothing new, though rarely ...
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Barclays: Staley stays the course

What should be the verdict on Jes Staley? At one point the Barclays chief executive appeared to be lurching from one crisis to another, whether it was falling for an email prankster pretending ...
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Viceroy’s traction is Ramaphosa’s challenge

South Africa's new president Cyril RamaphosaViceroy Research is little more than a blog, a googlemail account and a handful of connections in the hedge fund world.But the activist short seller has managed ...
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Latvian banking: let there be light

It is easy for journalists to preach transparency. It is, after all, almost always in their interests. For bankers and policymakers, things are often not as clear cut.In a system where wrongdoing ...
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FICC trading heads not celebrating yet

Higher volatility in the first two months, driven by uncertainty about the pace of Federal Reserve interest rate rises this year and next, has been exactly the kind that banks like best: ...
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Brazil’s devilish future?

Former president Luiz Lula da Silva at a recent rallyThe most striking feature of one of January’s biggest news story was the feigned surprise. No, not the exposure of the horrible and ...
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Goldman back in the 1MDB swamp after Leissner and Ng charges

The charges unsealed by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) around the 1MDB scandal on Thursday drag Goldman Sachs right back into the mire it has spent the past few years deftly ...
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BNPP and French ECM: a tough year gets a bit better

The latest French government sale of shares in engine-maker Safran could not have come at a better time for BNP Paribas, which has got some serious work to do if it wants ...
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Sustainable finance: Do we have to reinvent the wheel?

When it comes to finding private-sector financing solutions for social and environmental challenges, do we need to reinvent the wheel? I’m beginning to wonder. For example, Gary Kleiman, who runs an emerging ...
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Sideways: The Jamie Dimon ex-deputies club

Two of the three most recent holders of this title are now chief executives of big banks, while the third may be plotting a return to a high-profile position from the shadows ...
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ICO mania goes mainstream in Moscow

Moscow’s ambitions to become aninternational financial centre may have come unstuck in 2014, but the city is rapidly becoming a preeminent global hub for a different type of finance.A recent study cited ...
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