Forex robot for sale – BUSINESS version with your own name and password system

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We offer for you to start business forex trading with this commercial version of our best EA.

If you look personal version for trading click here

Your clients will get Profit: up to 300% monthly of deposit.
You will get Profit: You pay us once for providing files. You set your own price for this robot for your customers. You’ll receive 100% of your sales.
System: Metatrader 4
Limits by accounts: No.
Our copyrights: No.
Our support: 24/7.
Piracy protection: You will receive a special password system for your customers to protect yourself from illegal use.

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We suggest that you start your own forex business and sell this robot to your customers so that they make a profit.

We are constantly working on improving our trading strategy and have released best robot ForexVPortfolio.

Robots receive signals for opening trades from indicators included in the pack. Using a large number of currency pairs and small lots, absolutely safe Forex trading is achieved. At the same time, while trading 28 robots at the same time, your clients can get a large percentage of monthly profit.

How to start Forex Business selling forex robot

automated trading with forex robot step 1

Open Point of sale

Open local office or internet store. Consider all advertising and customer acquisition costs in your forex business plan. You need have PC or laptop.

automated trading with forex robot step 2

Buy Forex robot for sale

Contact us and we will offer available payment methods and discuss your wishes for the robot. After payment, we will send you a Business version of files.
automated trading with forex robot step3

Sale and get profit

You set your price for this robot for your customers. You’ll receive 100% of your sales.

More sales – more profit!

With good advertising, you can recoup the cost of the robot in 2-3 months

Live streaming forex trading from our business account

How to buy forex robot for sale

If you want to start forex business and sale forex robot, You need place order on this page through the cart, enter your billing information and checkout. Since payment systems do not support such large amounts for payment, we accept direct bank transfers, Western Union, any cryptocurrency to pay for the business version. Contact us and we’ll send you additional information.

Business pack of robot for sale includes next files:

1. Robots files

{Your name}__AUDCAD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDCAD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDCHF_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDCHF_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDJPY_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDJPY_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__AUDUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__CADCHF_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__CADCHF_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__CADJPY_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__CADJPY_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURAUD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURAUD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURCAD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURCAD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURGBP_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURGBP_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__EURUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__GBPUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__GBPUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__NZDUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__NZDUSD_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__USDCHF_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__USDCHF_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__USDJPY_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Buy_v.11.ex4
{Your name}__USDJPY_Timeframe-H1_ForexV_Sell_v.11.ex4

2. Indicators


3. Password system for reselling product

How to protect your Business forex trading from from illegal use of the robot

There may be situations in your forex business where one customer buys your product and then starts giving it to others for free or for a fee. To avoid loss of profit in your business, we have developed a special password system for robot files. Passwords for each account you send to your client along with the files. Thus, the robot will work only on these accounts, and the forex robot for sale will be blocked on other people’s accounts.

How much will your clients earn with a robot? Lots and deposits

  • Minimum deposit is 800$ for standart account or 800 cents (8$) for micro account if use all 14 pairs. Trading will be with 0.01 lots or such ammount of deposit.
  •  If you have standart account, you can use smaller deposit, but quantity of robots need to be reduced according to deposit (look for the table).
  • Profit up to 300% monthly in depending on market activity
  • Maximum floating DD no more 25% accounts for 3 years

Do you still have questions about forex robot for sale?

  • forex trading business features
  • business forex trading expenses
  • payment methods 
  • help with installation on your computer or VPS

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  1. MikePro

    I started my business. Thanks to support for helping me build my own robot. I have already found clients.

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