Highlights from the 3rd Annual Net/Net Summit

Finance news

The CEO-CFO Partnership: Managing Change in Retail Health Care
Acquisitions. Buybacks. New competitors (Amazon!). Shifting consumer trends. The team at Walgreens Boots Alliance has had its hands full in recent years, keeping pace with rapid changes while delivering consistent growth. We’ll find out what makes their C-suite tick.

Leadership Lessons, from Battlefield to Boardroom
The legendary commander of the Joint Special Operations Command revolutionized the way we fight wars; he now applies the lessons he learned on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq to management strategy, helping leaders adapt, innovate and initiate transformative change.

The Art of the Deal, Literally
His day job may be managing a $77 billion hedge fund, but with his keen aesthetic and deep pockets, he’s also been able to master a very different global market. Tom Hill views the art of art collecting much like he views business: Preparation and research are vital, and knowing who you are and why you’re investing is essential. We will learn about following one’s passion from one of the leading collectors in the world—and get a sneak preview of the upcoming opening of the Hill Art Foundation gallery.

Talent Show: Competing for the Best and Brightest
There are more jobs that need to be filled than there are qualified workers to fill them, especially in digital roles, which are so vital to every company’s success. Coupled with that, the FANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) have the money and cache to scoop up many of the best and the brightest. How can companies compete—and win?

Telling Your Story
Whether it is to your board, your investors, your CEO or your direct reports, it’s imperative that you be able to impart your vision effectively to succeed. That can be difficult when only the numbers can tell the true story. This presentation will provide novel approaches to help you communicate effectively and efficiently.

Reinvention and Innovation: A Conversation with Brian Moynihan
Bank of America, the nation’s second-largest bank by assets, is blazing its own unique path. Balancing high-tech with high-touch, investment banking with retail, shareholder demands with consumers’ is no mean feat in the hyper-competitive financial industry. B of A seems to have found its groove. How can they sustain this success?

The Capitol – Capital Connection
There are likely no two people better connected in Washington than billionaires David Rubenstein and Mark Ein. Need proof? Rubenstein actually owns the Declaration of Independence (well, a rare copy anyway)! Ein has a Key to the City, and his side hustle is as owner of the Washington City Paper! We’ll be talking trade, taxes, regulation and the midterms, as well as the business outlook for 2019 with two titans of the private markets.

Old Industries, New Leaders: Thriving in an Era of Change
While many companies struggle to adapt to the rapid changes in today’s dynamic economic, demographic and technological environment, there are others that are thriving, even in challenged industries. What do these companies have in common, and what role does technology play in their success?

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