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Apple just hit a trillion but its stock performance has been dwarfed by the other tech giants

Apple first surpassed $900 billion in market value back on November 8, 2017. Over these last 9 months, Apple’s stock price has risen 18 percent, fairly in line with the Nasdaq-100 index, but far outperforming both the S&P 500 and Dow.

While that’s a nice march from one milestone to another for Apple, its stock performance has been dwarfed by the stunning performance by the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and even Microsoft. In this same time period, Amazon has climbed over 3 market cap milestones ($600B, $700B, $800B…and nearly $900B), while Microsoft has toppled 2 milestones ($700B, $800B) and Netflix crossed the $100 billion milestone.

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