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Trading Lessons All Traders Should Know – Alessio Rastani | Podcast

Key Points Discussed in this interview

  • Financial markets and the information overload
  • The forward-looking nature of technical analysis
  • Bitcoin Breakout and 2019 forecast
  • Alessio’s number one lesson for trading

Trading Lessons All Traders Should Know - Alessio Rastani | Podcast

In this podcast interview Senior Analyst, Tyler Yell talks with Alessio Rastani. Alessio was named as one of the best crypto Youtubers of 2019 and is a stock market and forex trader who owns the site, Leading Trader. Alessio has accumulated the loyalty of thousands of traders with his honest and passionate approach to trading the markets and his success has been fuelled by his desire to help others grow and achieve their own trading goals.

This article presents the highlights of the podcast so be sure to listen to the full interview below.

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Financial markets and the information overload

Tyler Yell: You are the founder and CEO of Leading Trader, would you mind sharing with us how this company got started and what inspired you to get it started?

Alessio Rastani: Back in 2009 I was doing a number of live seminars around the UK and people were constantly looking for information. However, the problem is not a lack of information but rather that there is way too much information online. The real challenge is to try to decipher where the good information is. Markets are constantly evolving and something that may have worked 20 years ago, may not apply anymore.

My goal has always been to provide useful, reliable and honest information whether in my videos, or on my site. What I think sets me apart is that I always assume that the viewer of my videos have no prior knowledge of the topic and therefore, I try to explain concepts on a very fundamental and basic level. Additionally, if I make a prediction in the market I also back this up with historical evidence, an indicator or theory etc.

Trading Lessons All Traders Should Know - Alessio Rastani | Podcast

The forward-looking nature of technical analysis

TY: Why do you think charting analysis is important and helpful for traders.

AR: Firstly, professional traders and some of the best traders in the world use it. If you have read the book from Jack Schwager called, ‘Market Wizards’ you will find out that Billion-dollar hedge fund managers and other successful traders, have made their fortunes with the assistance of technical analysis.

Secondly, the biggest critics of technical and chart analysis are people who say it’s voodoo, or that you are simply just witnessing random noise on a chart. They tend to believe that fundamentals are the only way to analyze markets. I have nothing against fundamental analysis. The only criticism I have of fundamental analysis is that it is backward looking – relying solely on fundamental analysis is like driving a car while looking only at the rearview mirror.

Bitcoin Breakout and 2019 forecast

TY: You have brought a lot of insight into the crypto market with your popular YouTube videos; what developments have caught your eye regarding bitcoin, both now and looking forward.

AR: I think 2019 is the year we could see a bottom in bitcoin. Recently I’ve seen multiple publications indicating that people have thrown in the towel when it comes to bitcoin. Traditionally, when publications get extremely negative on any market, you could probably bet that you are coming pretty close to a bottom.

Trading Lessons All Traders Should Know - Alessio Rastani | Podcast

I think the bottom is more likely to appear in the second half of 2019 but there is one proviso, as long as the economy does not fall into