The price for gold passed the support of the 100-hour simple moving average near 1,790.00 on Tuesday afternoon. However, the price almost immediately found support in the 200-hour simple moving average, which kept the rate up until the middle of Wednesday. At mid-day on Wednesday, the price was approached by the resistance of the 50-hour SMA.

If the 50-hour SMA causes a decline, the price would need to pass the 200-hour simple moving average near 1,787.00, before aiming at the lower trend line of a channel down pattern near 1,775.00.

On the other hand, a recovery of the bullion would have to reach above the 50-hour SMA near 1,792.00. Afterwards, the upper trend line of the channel down pattern could act as resistance near 1,793.50. Close nearby, note the 100-hour simple moving average at 1,795.70.