Trend indicator Taotra: entry at reversal points


System: Metatrader 4
Timeframe: any
Chart: any

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The Taotra trend forex indicator allows you to open trades at trend reversal points. The indicator has a wide range of settings for comfortable trading.

What is trend indicator Taotra

Forex trend indicator Taotra, authored by mladen, well-known in trading circles, is a variation of the moving average fan. The idea behind the Taotra indicator is to find trend reversal points that are recognized as a narrowing fan.


At first glance, there is nothing original in this. However, the Taotra trend indicator is head and shoulders above its counterparts in terms of its functionality. A trader can build a fan from any number of moving averages, their various methods and methods of calculation, and even the type of line drawn.

We believe that the Taotra trend forex indicator can become the main element of a simple forex strategy for trading with the trend and, with the right settings, can very accurately show the trader the price reversal points

The indicator is presented in two forms: applied directly to the chart and the basement version.

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