Trend indicator Gaussian Rainbow: a rainbow along the trend


System: Metatrader 4
Timeframe: any
Chart: any

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Forex trend indicator Gaussian Rainbow is an alternative to moving averages. An indicator for identifying trends, market overlaps and correction zones.

What is trend indicator Gaussian Rainbow

This indicator looks like a moving average fan and other indicators based on its use. However, the Gaussian Rainbow indicator is significantly different from them. The Gaussian Rainbow indicator uses Gaussian filtering to obtain the first line, additional lines are calculated by filtering the previous one.


Forex trend indicator Gaussian Rainbow can be used to identify trends, market overlaps and correction zones. The signal zones are the contraction/expansion of the indicator, as well as the reversal of line colors.

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How to install trading indicator:

1. Place order throw the cart and Download the indicator, then unzip the archive. Youl’ll find in the folder  .ex4 files

2. Placing them in the MT4 “Indicators” Data Folder

3. Closing and re-starting your MT4 terminal

4. Dragging you indicator from the Navigator to the Forex Chart

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