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Special risk survey: HK, Japan, Singapore buffeted by coronavirus, as Taiwan shows ‘counter-intuitive’ strengths

Taiwan’s risk score is still on track, while other areas of Asia, including Hong Kong (above) are feeling the effects of coronavirus

Euromoney conducted its special ‘crowd-sourcing’ survey among a subset of its normal contributor universe who are all experts on political, economic and financial risk in Asia.

The results revealed one surprise. Taiwan’s risk score has increased even more, indicating an improving risk profile, though that doesn’t imply it will not be affected by coronavirus.

What it does show is that investor risk is a multi-factor concept, and that Taiwan has other strengths offsetting the intuitive coronavirus effect.

Euromoney regularly asks its expert panel to evaluate 15 economic, political and structural risk indicators, plus capital access. These assessments are then compiled with debt ratings to produce a total risk score.

Taiwan’s risk score had already improved last year, notably in the fourth quarter, and what this result shows is that the trend has continued, and it would have been more pronounced were it not for the